Letter to Parents

April 26, 2023

Dear parents of Camp Israel attendees,

We are looking forward to another exciting Camp Israel for the 16-19yr old young men and women of our stake. Any youth turning 16 within 2022 qualify to attend. The purpose of Camp Israel is first and foremost to develop and strengthen individual connections with the Savior. Focus also includes improving abilities to share the gospel and developing leadership skills. This is a peer led camp and provides a wonderful opportunity for the youth to teach, learn from, lead and follow their peers. We have tried to plan a spiritually uplifting, physically challenging, fun and social camp.

The theme of this year’s camp is “We have been chosen to do great things.” Scriptural references are Abraham 3: 22-23 and Philippians 4:13. References from modern-day church leaders are: “Be Not Troubled” (Ronald A. Rasband, Oct, 2018 General Conference), “Come Unto Christ and Don’t Come Alone” (Bonnie H. Cordon, October 2021 General Conference), “Hope of Israel,” (Russel M. Nelson, June 2018 Worldwide Youth Devotional), and “Preaching the Gospel of Peace” (Russel M. Nelson, April 2022 General Conference). If possible, we would urge you to please consider these for family gospel study prior to and after camp.

We also want to make sure you are aware of a number of administrative items regarding camp. Note that camp is one month earlier, one day longer and in a different location this year:

Camper Arrival - Tues, June 27th, 8:30am - 9:00am.  

NOTE: Pres, Team Cpts and Sq Ldrs to arrive on Mon, Jun 26

Camper Departure - Thurs, June 29th, 9:00pm.

Camp Location:           

Camp Angelos

32149 SE Stevens Rd

Corbett, OR 97019

Transportation - Families are responsible for getting their youth to and from camp. We strongly encourage carpooling.

Look forward to seeing your child soon,

John and Kaylee Alberts – CMS Camp Israel Directors